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Insurance Consultants

Thoughtful Benefits

Insurance companies will always view you as one big group. By thinking about your employees as individuals, we can reduce costs and help you accomplish more.

Supporting HR_600
Operations & Compliance

Supporting HR

Your HR team is busy every day supporting your team. We provide HR consulting and streamline HR processes so they can stay focused on your people.

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Creative Solutions

Unlocking Your Data

The modern world runs on data, but health insurance is often still opaque. We unlock insights about your population and utilization to help guide better decisions.

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No More Paper

Simplified Technology

Too many CFOs, business owners, and HR directors are burdened with clunky technology. We provide simple, elegant solutions at no cost to our clients.

Do you provide enrollment software?

Of course we do. And while some brokers charge you for it, we believe in reinvesting in our client relationships. So we offer HR Admin and Enrollment software at no cost.

Will you do our 1095-C's?

Of course we will. In fact, we help with all your ACA compliance requirements.

Do you help with education?

Of course we do. We relish the chance to empower employees into making better consumer decisions when it comes to health insurance and care. Getting to know people, and helping them when they want to learn, makes our work worthwhile.

Do you provide COBRA administration?

Of course we do. We simplify every part of the employee lifecycle. When choosing to work with us, you choose how much of the COBRA responsibilities you’d like to retain, and what you’d like us to take over.

Do you provide HR Consulting?

Of course we do. We love all the acronyms: ACA, FMLA, PFMLA, ADA, FLSA, OSHA, and many more. And just as crucially, when we shouldn’t answer an HR question, we have deep relationships with employment attorneys to whom we will refer you.

Do you help manage compliance?

Of course we do. Compliance requires simplicity, so we build technology and procedures to keep you compliant without additional headaches.

Do you manage new hires?

Of course we do. We are your partner for the entire employee lifecycle. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and your new hire experience will prove that you’re a best-in-class employer.